На сколько дают бан на faceit за afk?

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    There are many types of ban in Faceit.
    1. Skip vote ban
    2. AFK ban
    3. Leaver ban
    4. Cheater ban
    Lets understand each and every ban,
    Skip Vote Ban — Every game, Team Captains must choose the server location and servers maps to be played in. If the Team Captain dosent choose within the time frame (45s) the match will be cancelled and all players will be returned to the queue. If the same Team Captain does that for 3 times (when he is the captain) he will get a skip vote ban, most likely 1hour (im not sure). Personally, I have not got this ban yet but this ban will not increase every time.
    AFK ban — When you do not join a game within 5mins after the IP is given in your lobby, you get a 1 hour ban. This ban is only capped at 1hour and nothing more than an hour
    Leaver ban — This is the ban where i guess most people dont understand. This ban is when the match has started and you leave in the middle of it (be it VAC/Internet issues). You have a total of 5mins to rejoin the game after leaving and by that, I mean if u left for 2mins and u came back, the next time you leave the game again, you only have 3mins to come back. (Simple maths 3+2 = 5) Anyways, this ban will stack up and by experience, it dosent get reset.
    I personally got this ban twice, first time was an hour while the 2nd was 3 hours.
    Cheater ban — Pretty self-explanatory, you cheat you get banned because nobody like cheaters.
    This ban can be either permanent or 2 years(NOT CONFIRMED). However, if you got banned and you did not cheat, you can contact faceit’s offline support.
    I hope that you will understand the ban more after reading my answer.
    — Member of faceit since 20 Oct 2014 —
    Thanks very much. Thread locked, if you want to discuss the ban you can contact live support.
    To contact live support please follow these steps:
    1) Sign into the website
    2) Go onto your profile stats
    3) Scroll down to your previous lobbies
    4) Within the lobby a support button should appear to gain access to live chat

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